Testimony of a student

A The transformation of lead into gold, the creation of perfumes and aromas that “stir” our senses, in short, the magic of Alchemy.
To have the opportunity to understand the real meaning of the so famous word: Alchemy, as the Divine Chemistry, The Philosopher’s Stone, in short the transformation of our own BEING.
Simple teachings to our ears, but profound to our soul.
The need to open ourselves to the new; to allow ourselves new experiences.
I’ve always been a seeker of the mysteries of life, always looking for pieces of this puzzle called Life in books, lectures, quantum physics, in short, everything that in some way, considered adding more knowledge to my own being with the goal of self-knowledge; of making me a better person every morning.
In this incessant search, life led me to the Art of Balance, Alchemy, words that have always caught my attention. My keen curiosity led me there, and I was met with the great surprise of the simplicity, beauty, and enchantment of the meaning of the word Alchemy. New discoveries, working the verb with greater awareness and intensity, believing in fact in the perfection that we are in essence, believing that everything in life has to be Good, Beautiful and Great, and if not, we do not enjoy the pleasure that is living in harmony with the Universe to which we belong.
The discoveries never stop, the living for knowledge and making this knowledge become wisdom in my life through the daily practice of everything we learn.
I take this opportunity to thank the Art of Balance, Prof. Alcides, and the Universe that moved situations to put me in contact with all this magic.
Thank you very much Prof. Alcides for all the learning. Thank you very much for always sharing your knowledge. Thank you so much for embracing the cause of Light on Earth and bringing humanity the opportunity to always live life in a Good, Beautiful and Great way.
May God protect and enlighten you always.
Cida Dalosta

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