What is Alchemy


Alchemy Is liberation of the mind, of your feeling, of your look with yourself and with the world.
It is a chemistry based on the Four Verbs: Willing, Knowing, Daring, and Shutting Up, in opposition to everything else, in which several movements/tools are added in Workshops, applying infinite breathing exercises, precipitations, meditations, prayers, mantras, appeals, ho’oponopono, angels, and moon energies.

With the daily practice of the exercises and movements taught by Professor Alcides, everything improves in our lives, because we are immediately cleaning our minds, balancing our emotions, changing our way of speaking, because the verb creates, and everything starts to be modified, in all areas, as long as we practice it diligently.

Tormenting thoughts about life situations or the world disappear, as do anxiety, guilt, and other negative feelings.
Even if the unfavorable situation is close to you, it will no longer shake you, and somehow it will be resolved by the Universe.
Professor Alcides passes on the knowledge of how the Universe works, and the incredible thing is that you see how simple all the practices of Alchemy are, because everything in the Universe is simple to favor us.
Really, Alchemy is the Chemistry of God as defined by our Professor Alcides, simple and practical, it offers us the balance, the understanding that everything right happens, the materialization of our desire and that the good, beautiful and great inexorably inhabits our life.

I am Gisele Motta Revito

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